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Hey, I’m Zach, I’m the Founder of We Feature You, a public relations firm that helps industry professionals become authorities and leaders in their space.

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Zachary Bernard

Zachary Bernard - Timesquare, New York

Zachary Bernard, a Canadian entrepreneur and digital marketer, is the founder and CEO of We Feature You, a public relations firm committed to helping businesses and professionals elevate their branding and influence through top-tier media coverage. 

Recognizing the need for industry professionals to stand out and establish themselves as authorities, Zachary has launched We Feature You PR to help leaders build their brand by being featured in top-tier media publications and appearing on industry relevant podcasts.

 Through his work, Zachary has been seen in publications such as Entrepreneur, IBTimes, LA Weekly, Yahoo Finance, Maxim, Business Insider and various others.

Media Placements

Through our media relations with contributors, writers and publications, we secure media placements for you or your company in top tier media publications.

TV Placement

Through our network of various TV Stations, we leverage our relationships to get you on air to share your expertise in front of millions.

Podcast Placements

Through our connections with various podcasts hosts, we get you on industry relevant podcasts that allows you to share your voice and reach your ideal clients / customers.

About Me

I Will Help You Become An Industry Leader

The key to be seen as an expert in your industry is having your expertise and insights, highlighted and shared by reputable sources. We’re talking major media publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur and MSN, all the way to relevant industry podcasts that your audience knows and respects.

Like I always like to say, “If you had a life threatening situation and needed a surgery ASAP, would you rather go to the surgeon you’ve seen on billboards, TV and appearing on podcasts for his expertise, or the surgeon fresh out of med. school?”  The answer is pretty simple…