3 Strategies To Be Seen as an Industry Authority Online

Being seen as an industry authority comes down to nailing a few core things like your online appearance, third-party social proof, knowledge, and posting educational content.

The beauty of it is that anyone can build themselves as an authority online these days by sharing the right content and information with their target audience.

In such a highly competitive market with the lion’s share going to the top 1-2%, it can be difficult for an individual to make a name for himself. The good news is that with the dedication and right content, it’s possible.

How you can position yourself as an industry authority online

Strategy 1: Social Proof – People that are looking for your services or expertise are looking for someone that has succeeded before, knows what they’re doing, and can deliver on their promises. Social proof is one of the key factors when it comes to gaining the trust of a cold lead and converting them into a client. Having testimonials, case studies, and past work on your website, social media, and others shows that you’ve got the experience and the customer base to back it up.

Strategy 2: Knowledge – Your potential clients want to work with someone that has the qualifications to deliver on what they’re offering. If you have credentials, show people! Whether it’s a degree from a known University/College or an award for performing highly in your field, promote those qualifications to demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about online and gain people’s trust.

Strategy 3: Content – Another great way to show your expertise is to publish content that provides value to your target audience. Someone will be far more likely to convert into a paying client if they see you posting a lot of information and advice regarding your field of work and show expertise in that area.

To Conclude 

The strategies provided by Zachary Bernard have helped him build his clients into industry authorities. Additionally, you can learn more about Zachary Bernard and We Feature You on their website

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